Macro farming

Macro farming

Pulover's Macro Creator is a full featured automation tool for Windows and it's free for everyone! Get started watching the Video Tutorials!

Record your keystrokes and mouse movements and clicks relative to window or screen. Reproduce your macros with automatic window activation. Pause and play them step-by-step. Get long repetitive tasks done in instants. All using customizable Hotkeys that will work at any time. Create multiple macros on a single project. Run programs.

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Read, copy and delete files. Send texts. Execute image searches. Show message boxes. Add loops, goto, and much more. PMC features nearly commands and functions from basic to advanced automation needs.

Use Control Commands to click and type on background windows. Define and modify variables. Use functions to perform string and math operations.

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Set If Statements to control the flow of your macros. Simplified and advanced automation of Internet Explorer. Export your macros to working AHK scripts.

Everything with a friendly and intuitive interface. Check out the video tutorials and see how. Primary Menu Skip to content. Search for:.

Macro Farming Allowed or Not?

Features Pulover's Macro Creator is a full featured automation tool for Windows and it's free for everyone!Forgot your password? By MakoboliteMarch 9 in Brute. Just wanted a place to put this for myself and other Brutes who want to keep the damage rolling. To maximize to the damage cap, use this bind. You will find it easier then banging F1-F5 repeatedly or the larger will drop less often resulting in combinations. Now only the smallest will drop.

Smallest are the most commonso you will fill up with all types to convert to reds really fast except when powerleveling others as it divides equally even if they have a full tray and it keeps sending it regardless of that. Slows down a bit. Also, its important if you want to change it like I was explaining. You get the point. This will help you test and use the binding.

Might want to try another character first, so you don't mess up your settings on the main one. Even a level 2 has 4 inspiration slots if you want to test it, just buy 3 of any kind and click that bind to get a red. Then try different colors to confirm it.

Small Scale Farming: Micro Farms for Sustainable Farming, Self-Sufficiency

The bottom bind that I'm using makes it easier for me to just click one button and use whichever red is available, but, I see that people might want them attached to an attack, I have my combat attributes up so I usually just keep an eye on it to stay above a certain threshold.

True, I didn't see the bottom until after I posted. And a huge difference on my phone, easier to read. Might want to make a bind for that last one near WASD. I think it would be easier to hit instead of an extra F key unless you are very good at multiple key command. Hmm, you're right. I think the v key is not bound to anything important, so I might use that one. I actually use the vendor to limit certain inspiration drops, so I might want to make a bind that hits those, and get it to bind to one button, since there's a limit on the size of the bind.

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If someone were to use a program to setup a macro that clicks the mouse every few second and stand next to and ore and went afk while mining it, would something like this be against the game rules and can you get punished for it? Thanks, Gecc. Allowed or not, this would be such a waste of time. You would be getting procs every 20 mins.

Here's 9 mats per hour for you. This is definitely not allowed. Any third party program that sends information clicks, button presses, etc to the servers is against the ToS and bannable. Even something as simple as macroing a few skills to one key is bannable.

The use of macros can't be prevented. And if they forbid macro programs, what about us regular people that play on a more sober keyboard? Thanks for all the reply's, if I can be more specific I'd add that It would be using a program from Razer Razer Synapse.

You can mind a key to press mouse1 every 5 seconds so you could turn that on and sit next to a material. It isnt a multimacro. Here is the answer to your question: Source Code. Lets say you just click automatically every couple of seconds what are there gonna do about it or proof it. Its simple input like you would click your mouse. What about when I have a macro that hits the 'i' button on the side of my mouse? Could be also an advantage over other players since they have to move their hand to the regular 'i' button.

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It's easy to prove that simple macros are used. The click rate is a calibrated, repeated time period. Nobody is going to click at a repeatable rate exactly if they are really doing the clicking.

They could probably even automate the detection of node campers who do such things. Macros against macros. I like that. They will get you if you have something running tht automatically does something.

Because as a human we cannot do something so exact over and over. Not in time, not in position on the screen. There is a distinction, at least in my mind, between using a keyboard macro to afk mine a node and using a keyboard macro to, say, hold left click so you don't get carpal tunnel running.

One seems fine in my mind and the other not fine. Just FYI imgur. Another cool 'fix' to the macro problem would be instituting a time-out function. This is a PvP game, and there are zones for PvP, but perhaps anybody whose character has not moved in some determined number of minutes could be autoflagged, no matter what zone they are in.

Full loot.Introducing Macros in BlueStacks for versions 4. You can create Macros for any game but it is especially effective in conquest games and RPGs. Get right into action in Rise of Kingdoms. With Macros, log into the game automatically, the moment BlueStacks opens and start harvesting resources right away from the production buildings in your city layout. The moment you start the game, start recording macros, perform a power attack combined with a few basic attacks and stop the macro.

Assign a key to it and next time when you go close to an enemy and press the assigned key, the hero will perform the same attacks on the enemy. Finished recording a macro? You can easily save it on your desktop or a location of your choosing as. You can also import or export macro files and share it with your friends. Customize the behavior of your macro by adjusting its speed increase it by 1. Merge two or more macros into one so that you do not have to run each of them manually. Reuse recorded Macros, merge them together and experience the marvel of automation with BlueStacks.

Finding good situations to record Macros in any game is a creative challenge that is bringing gamers from across the globe to the rapidly growing Macro Community. In the community, you can share your recorded macros, search for what others have uploaded, download Macros by game name or action, like a Macro and start a conversation around it.

Update to BlueStacks version 4. Play as you normally would and stop the recorder when you are done. Assign a name and a key to the macro to replicate the action. BlueStacks 4 is not available on Windows XP. You must have Windows 7 or higher. Windows 10 is recommended. Harvest resources. Upgrade skills.

macro farming

Train troops. Attack barbarians. Welcome to the world of Macros. Perform a Power Attack in Mobile Legends The moment you start the game, start recording macros, perform a power attack combined with a few basic attacks and stop the macro.

[Black Desert Mobile] - Auto Grind/Farming Tutorial Using Macro Secrets

Import, Export and Share Finished recording a macro? Unlimited Customization Customize the behavior of your macro by adjusting its speed increase it by 1. Merge Macros. Rinse and Repeat.Macroalgae have been used as food in Asia and Europe for centuries. In the United States, the consumption of macroalgae is currently limited and occurs primarily in the states of Hawaii and California. Most of the macroalgae sold in the U. Macroalgae culture is a productive segment of aquaculture across the world, but there is limited production in the United States.

Open-ocean farming of macroalgae in the U. However, with increasing need for aquaculture to help sustain food sources in the future, there is great potential for coastal U. Key issues that limit the sale of macroalgae in the U. Land-based cultivation systems offer a new approach to minimize impacts on wild macroalgae stocks while reducing harvest costs and better controlling product quality. The integration of macroalgae with land-based fish culture systems can reduce the capital and operating costs of macroalgae production and reduce the discharge of nutrients to the environment.

The U. National Marine Fisheries Service has studied the intensive land-based production of macroalgae for human consumption. The project evaluated the potential commercial production of two red and one green macroalgae species by measuring growth rates, nutrient composition and protein quality. Three species of native macroalgae — Turkish towel, Chondracanthus exasperatus ; Pacific dulse, Palmaria mollis ; and sea lettuce, Ulva rigida — were reared over a month period.

The macroalgae were grown in 2,L fiberglass tanks operated in airlift circulating culture. On a monthly basis, subsamples of each of the three species were dried, ground and analyzed for protein, lipid, ash and amino acids using standard methods. Over the study, the specific growth rate varied significantly among the species Table 1. The maximum growth in all species occurred near the summer solstice Figure 1and growth rate was directly related to day length or total photosynthetically active radiation.

The minimum growth in all species was observed near the winter solstice. Biweekly growth rates of the three species were all positive except for sea lettuce near the winter solstice Figure 1. Annual wet and dry production numbers are presented in Table 2. According to U.

Department of Agriculture data, the average annual dry-weight production of wheat, corn and soybeans is in the U. Since most macroalgae are sold wet, macroalgae are many times more productive than conventional agriculture. While there is abundant proximate composition information on both wild and extensively reared macroalgae in the scientific literature, there is little information available for intensively produced macroalgae in land-based systems.

Within a species, no difference in protein, lipid or ash content attributable to season was observed Figure 2. All species exhibited high-protein, low-fat profiles with adequate mineral content. Sea lettuce had significantly higher protein and lipid content than the two red macroalgae species. The protein content of the macroalgae was lower than that found in animal proteins, but higher than that of many terrestrial plants.

A number of studies have shown that the protein content of wild macroalgae can be highly variable, and the lipid content is generally low. Seasonal variations often occur in protein, with more protein in autumn plants and less in summer plants.

macro farming

Lipid content can also vary, with some green macroalgae having more lipids in autumn months and fewer lipids in summer months. The study data suggested that land-based systems with adequate fertilization can produce year-round red and green macroalgae with consistent nutrient composition. The protein quality of the three macroalgae species was high, with essential amino acids accounting for almost half of the total amino acids present. Amino acid profiles for all three species compared favorably with those of conventional foods.

Of the three species studied, Turkish towel had the highest percentage 0. Taurine supplied through the diet helps regulate blood pressure and has other benefits to the circulatory system.

Taurine is also beneficial to marine fish.

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The addition of Turkish towel to marine fish feeds may be a useful means to increase the taurine content of the diets, which could prove especially useful when formulating alternative, plant-based feeds.Small scale farming and micro farms can still produce enough food for self-sufficient living.

You can be totally self-sufficient on an acre, or less. In fact, urban homesteading is becoming increasingly popular. Sustainable farming means that whatever is farmed, raised and grown on the farm is consumed by the farm dwellers themselves.

They are living off the land and providing all the food they need for their own consumption. In other words, they are pretty much self-sufficient when it comes to what they eat. Therefore, you will often hear of sustainable farming and self-sufficiency farming being used inter-changeably as they are one and the same. The land size that they own, is usually, but not always fairly small, by comparison to the more commercially orientated farmers.

Thus you will often hear these small farms referred to as mini farms or micro farms.

Land-based macroalgae farming

Commercial farming, on the other hand, is where crops are grown and cattle is raised for others in order to make some money. Not that farming is a lucrative, get-rich business, it is not, but by being a commercial farmer one farms with the intention of having a ready-known market, the knowledge of what current prices are for their crops and animals and what niche market will bear them a profit, both now and in the future.

The clue, of course, is in the very word itself sustainable meaning to keep something going. If the land that you use to farm is mismanaged, you will never be able to sustain any crops or animals at an acceptable level of productivity.

That includes both large scale and small scale farming. Mismanagement will give you the same result. What you will end up with will be both diseased and ill plants and animals and your hopes of self-sufficiency will be unfulfilled. In owning a micro farm or small scale farm, there has to be a balance between the animals and the plants because ideally you want to create a food chain where each feed each other. You need the manure from the farm animals to enrich the soil so that the soil can then produce good crops, and which in turn, will go back to feeding the animals.

With small scale farming on mini-farms for sustainability there needs to be crop rotation. One cannot grow crops on the same piece of land year after year. Crops gown like this soon weaken to disease. However, the problem does not remain here, what happens is that the disease organisms that attack that plant multiply to such an extent that eventually the disease becomes uncontrollable.

So plan your small farm with care, and make sure that some portion of the land is always kept fallow so that you can implement your crop rotation plan. If you are small scale farming with animals you can put them to good use by allowing them to manure your crops in a controlled way. Animals need feeding so why not allow them into your crops but have them within an enclosed area? That way they are being fed, and at the same time fertilizing the land at the same time. Keeping chickens works very well.

Not only do they fertilize the soil, but they also eat the insects that may be destroying your crops. Look at the land resources that you have for small scale farming and see how you can improve or utilize them.

Do you have enough water on the property?Here is the ultimate macros guide dedicated to WoW Classic. Welcome to our Macros guide for Classic woW. You will find out how to make macros and how to use them in WoW Classic. First of all, there is a question, what is a macro?

Something like the following:. With macros, these commands can be used from action buttons, and many of them can be used at once. Each unique command goes on its own line and is written exactly as it would be typed it in the chat box. Open up the macro window. General macros are stored on an account-by-account basis and are shared by all your characters. Immediately under the tabs is a grid of 18 boxes where the macros are displayed.

macro farming

Below that is the edit box where you actually type the macro. Finally, at the bottom you have a number of self-explanatory buttons. This brings up another small window off to the side where you choose the icon and type a name for the macro.

If you choose the question mark iconWoW will automatically pick an icon for your macro based on what spells or items are listed in the macro. Once you have chosen an icon and a name, click the Ok button. Although you can name two macros the same. Now you will notice that the macro icon you chose has been added to the 18 boxes mentioned earlier. The newly created macro will also be selected so now it's time to start writing your macro.

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Click in the edit box of the macro window to start typing. When you are done typing your macro, click the Save button, drag the macro's icon from the grid and place it on an action button. Take our multi-spell macro from earlier as an example:. With this macro, WoW chooses Arcane Power for the feedback. However, this is probably not what you really want. The main point of this spell is to cast Pyroblast.

You can make the button behave as if Pyroblast were the first spell by adding the following line to the top of the macro:. If you used the question mark icon for the macro, the button will even have the icon of Pyroblast without any extra effort on your part.

In fact, if you choose the question mark icon I mentioned earlier, the action bar will even show the icon for SW. Many times, you will find yourself casting a series of spells or use certain items in the same order on pretty much any mob you fight.


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